cooking {the simple way}

I love to cook and I love to eat yummy food. But let's get real, cooking takes time. By the time I get home from work, it's close to 6:00pm. Some nights, dinner is not ready until around 7-7:30pm, then it's clean-up, bath time, and then, there leaves no time for mommy to relax before it's bedtime. I decided it was time to make life easier in the kitchen.

I hosted a Pampered Chef party last month and was able to finally get their Deep Covered Baker. It's not the cheapest item, but by hosting a show I was able to get it for free! I've only cooked in it a few times because wedding planning took over for a while, but it's super easy and the best part is you never have to "wash" it. You simply scrape every thing out and clean it well with hot water. I was able to cook 4 chicken breast in 13 minutes, in the microwave. HELLO! Welcome to the world of easy peasy!

On top of my Deep Covered Baker, I purchased a Crock-Pot today. I am currently searching through recipes that are going to cook all.day.long while I'm at work and when I walk in the door, BAM!, supper is ready! I.can.not.wait!

Life really can't get much easier with these two awesome items. No more stressing over supper for this mama!

If you have any Crock-Pot recipes you want to pass along, please do!

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