happy birthday, nanny

Today, my sweet Nanny (Mom's Mom) would have turned 80.  

 I miss her so much.  I miss how she mispronounced words like "Taco" by saying "Tarco" or by saying "Wal-Marts" instead of "Wal-Mart."  

I miss her home cooking that scented the house and filled you so full you couldn't move.

 I miss making homemade biscuits with her and eating all the dough.  

I miss our "boogy" (dance) sessions in the kitchen.  

I miss holding her soft hands and the scent of her night cream on her face.

I miss watching our "stories" together.  

I miss her hugs and I miss her kisses.  

And today, I'm missing celebrating her special day with her!  

Happy Birthday, Nanny.  

I love and miss you more than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow.  

Until I see you again...



Hello!  We're still alive and we have made it through the Christmas Season.  I apologize for the lack of updates, but it's not from a lack of activity in our lives, trust me. 

The Silver Needle shop skyrocketed over Christmas and so I spent many-a-hours stitchin' the midnight oil.  So, so, so grateful for my sweet, little, shop.  

I finished up my school semester on the Presidents List and Avery and Trevor ended their first half of their school year with great reports from their teachers.

Our Christmas break was crazy and busy.  Both boys were with their other parents for the first half.  Chris and I enjoyed some alone time.  It was great the first few days, and then our house got too quiet. We celebrated Christmas as usual (but without the kids) and then once the boys returned, we did Christmas all over again. We had a great time and the kids were super fun this year.  They got many great games that we can play together, and lots of arts and craft items too!

I've since started another semester of school.  I'm taking a full-time load this semester, working full-time, and still stitchin' my little heart out. Some folks think I'm out of my mine.  Maybe I am, but this girl has to stay busy.  I'm too ADD to be still for too long. 

We've also decided to try and sell our house.  Sometimes I wonder if we're lunatics, but it's time.  We are bustin' at the seams in our current home. We haven't decided exactly where we want to move yet, but have looked in several different areas.  If you're local and lookin', we can hook you up with a nice 3 bedroom house. 

Anyway, please join me in prayer that someone buys our house, soon.  I'm an impatient person and I don't have the patients to wait forever.  I've also got baby fever like nobody's business, and until we move, well, we can't have a baby.  Avery, of course, said we can put baby in the attic, but nobody should put baby in the attic, or the corner for that matter.