{family history}

I left on a 737 last week headed to New Jersey and New York City. The trip was arranged so that I could attend my great uncles memorial service. With lots of 2nd cousins and 2nd cousins once removed to visit with, my trip was filled with a lot of family memories.

My grandparents must have been very proud of their family, because my cousins found tons and tons of pictures my grandparents had sent up to my great aunt and uncle. I'll post more in the coming days, but here are a few today:

 {my grandparents wedding}

{my dad as a baby}

 {me playing t-ball}

{my grandma graduation Auburn University}

{my aunt, dad, and uncle---does Avery look like dad or what?}

{me as a baby}

{my sister's baptism}


The Silver Needle

Life isn't easy. (Trust me!) Sometimes the weight of the world lies right on top of your precious clavicle bones (shoulders) and it pushes down so hard you feel like you are literately carrying 100 extra pounds around. (Ask me how I know, go on, ask me!) I don't do well with stress.  I don't do well with the extra weight on my shoulders.  It's not me; it's not in my DNA.

I needed a less active form of stress release and I can't tell you how much this little embroidery machine I bought has helped my nerves.

I like having a plan.  I like itineraries.  I like list.  All of this to say, can you imagine why I'm an anxious person?  I'm a prime example of ADD.  I can't sit through movies. My mind is always circling itself.

I work.  I go to school (online).  I do Zumba and C25K. I have 2 kids.  I take pictures of families.  And now...I stitch like nobody's business.

I have to keep busy.  This little machine and I have bonded at all hours of the day and night. 

We have smiled, laughed, cursed, and cried together.

I'm in love with this little machine.

 I'm in love with making cute creations for precious people.

 And want to know what's even better? This extra weight on my shoulders is getting lighter!

Sho' nuff! It's getting lighter by the day. I'm stitchin' this stressful life of mine back together! I am, I really am!