hello world

It's been a while since I last posted. Please accept my apologies. Life happens, ya know?

Here is what has been going on with our little family:

1:: I started back school a few weeks ago. I'm taking 3 online courses and things are rockin' there. Doing everything online has changed my life! It beats a 3 hour lecture class, any day.

2:: Avery had strep throat last week. He ran a fever for 3 days and had painful headaches. Poor guy was feeling rough. He stayed so warm that he didn't even want to cuddle like he normally does. So, so, so pitiful. 

3:: A Pre-K school has been decided on for Avery, and I'm still in denial that he's old enough to go to Pre-K. {He's really old enough to go to kindergarten, but with a late August birthday, I think holding him back is best.}

4:: Trevor was accepted into the gifted program at school. We are so proud of him!!!

5:: Little Rat {the Beta fish} was flushed the other night. Poor fishy was on it's last fin, and we euthanized him via the sewer method. A new fish, Kitty-Kitty, has since taken up residence in the fish tank.

6:: I've still been in a crafty mood. Yarn wreaths have swept my imagination and are now in production in my living room.

7:: I bought a monogram machine the other week. Be prepared for monogram madness and applique awesomeness to hit the blog soon!!!

 Now that you are caught up, I hope you have a marvelous Monday and an awesome week!


zumba, nothin' in the wumba

So I started Zumba this week. My neighbor invited me and I'm oh so glad she did. I've only gone once {going again tonight} and it was like going on vacation.

So refreshing, I tell ya!

Anyway, I tell Avery mommy is going to the gym {Zumba} now and he just doesn't quite get it. Of course, I try to explain that mommy's belly jiggles too much, and he ask if there is a baby in my tummy. Nope, no baby here, I explain.

{I really need to teach my child that not everyone with jiggly tummy's have babies in them. Remind me to get on that discussion soon asap. Thanks.} 

If any of you know how 4 year old's work, this conversation was not over.

So we begin the discussion over why there wasn't a baby in mommy's tummy, how babies get in tummies, and how babies get out of tummies. Lord, you didn't prepare me for this.

I keep to the basics. There isn't a baby in mommy's tummy because God hasn't put one in there and the doctors cut mommy's tummy open to get the babies out.

And of course he explains to me he wants a baby brother. I explain that when God puts a baby in mommy's tummy, God decides if it's a boy or girl. He didn't really get it. So I asked if he would like a baby sister one day. He said no, just a brother. I explained again that only God decides if it's a boy or girl, and then he told me he didn't want a baby in mommy's tummy anymore.

End of story.

If mommy can't make it a boy, then he's not having it.

I think I'll just continue going to Zumba and get rid of the jiggles and worry about the womb another day, or year.



***You are forewarned that this is a post in which I ramble***

::I love my husband, he's my rock.

::My children make me strive to be a better person.

::We had a great weekend.

::Sometimes I want to fly off at the mouth and tell people what I really think of them-but for all sanity purposes, I bite my tongue, hard!

::I love karma only when she's good to me.

::I'm convinced that certain fabrics cause B.O. Seriously, some of these winter sweaters, no matter how much D.O. you put on, you still feel like you smell.

::I'm addicted to Grey's Anatomy and would really love a day that I could sit in my jammies all day and do nothing but watch episodes.

::Men standing around talking about sports annoys me.Yes, I like sports, but not enough to debate every play of last nights game and scratch my crotch while doing so.

::I love sautéed Brussels Sprouts.

::I start Zumba this week, so if you don't hear from me in a while, I'm either too sore to move, or dead.

::My youngest child has to poop every time we go out to eat, or every night at supper time. I believe this could be my new weight loss tool. I can't seem to get my appetite back after standing in a public bathroom, waiting on my kid to poop, and watching him touch the toilet seat with his hands. {I've tried to teach him, I really have.}

::I really couldn't think of anything else to blog about today besides writing random sentences that really had nothing to do with each other, so you're welcome!

::Happy Monday!


flash back day {waiting}

One year ago today, I wrote a blog post (click here to read it) reminiscing the day my sister was born. I still remember the day in bits and pieces, but the one thing I remember most was the excitement I had knowing I had a baby sister!

On this day, I also remember the anniversary of when my Pop had his bladder removed due to cancer. The surgery was supposed to fix everything. He was projected to recover and live a normal life. He made it through surgery without any issues. Except for a cancer cell got away and spread like wild fire to his lungs. A cancer cell we wouldn't know got away until 2 months and 9 days later from the surgery and 3 days later, we lost him. I look at the irony of this day; life and death, it never escapes us. No one can avoid it, because it affects us all.

I think back to the day my little sister was born, and I remember sitting in the waiting room with my head in my Pop's lap, waiting, not so patiently, for my sister. We were all waiting to celebrate a new life. Then I think back to this day, 4 years ago, and my memories go back to a hospital, where we waited, not so patiently, for word that my Pop was going to be okay. Life is funny like that, you know? It's always throwing around curve balls to make you search within your soul to figure out what this life is all about. Is it about waiting to live or waiting to die? Or do we ignore the obvious and live like there is no tomorrow? Personally, I prefer the latter. I like to live my life to the fullest. I never want to waste a moment and I want to die happy. But sometimes we can’t do that because this crazy life we live makes us wait. And on this particular day, 22 years ago, I waited for life, and 4 years ago, I prayed for life!

Happy Birthday to my sister, Callie!


avery {instagram style}

This 4 year old of mine cracks me up!

He will do a funny face and say, "Mama takes of pit-ur of me's like dis."
So I comply.

He and Leroy {the cat} have a special bond.
You can often find this sweet kitty sitting on the side of the tub watching his BFF take a bath.

He watches the ripples in the water.
It's quite funny!


But, most of the time he just drinks the water from the tub, which I'm okay with, because it's not the toilet water that he often drinks as well.
I had to explain to Avery Leroy doesn't want to get in the bath tub with him {because of course Avery would love that}, but that kitties bathe themselves. 
Avery thought that was really neat. 
And so now every time the cat licks himself Avery screams, "Mama, 'Roy is takings his bafs."

Avery also like to surprise me with his goofy wardrobe.
This morning he went upstairs and found this baby bib of his. 
And of course, he said, "Mama takes of pit-ur of me's like dis."
And once again, I complied.

Then we have sweet, quiet, moments like this. 
I told you they were BFF's!
{Please excuse the covers, my bed spread was in the wash.}


crafty mama on the rise

Chris went on a guys trip last week, so I went on a crafting spree at home. 

The little person inside my head that says "you want to be a crafty mama" just got the best of me. 

And so off to Hobby Lobby I went. 

I first taught myself how to crochet. 

I've been using an online blog that teaches crochet.

The girl who did this online tutorial did a great job!

I caught on fast and I've gotten the hang of one type of stitch.

I'm ready to make a masterpiece!

I'm also working on a disappearing 9's quilt.

It's a secret present, so we'll talk more about it later!

Have any of you been crafting lately?


our christmas {2012}


Our first Christmas get together was at my aunt's house. It was a very nice evening, with all of my cousins, lots of yummy food, and all of our silly kids.


My parents, sister, Avery, and I went to the Christmas Eve service at church. Chris had to go pick up Trevor, so after church, we all headed to my house and prepared dinner until Chris and Trevor got home. Mom and I cooked our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of homemade lasagna and layered salad. The boys were wild and crazy with excitement that Santa would be coming.

My parents and sister spent the night with us, which was a special treat for us all too.


I woke up early in anticipation of the excitement that would soon be scurrying down our stairs bright and early. I had told the kids they couldn't come downstairs until they got the official okay from me. You know us moms have to get the camera's set and make sure everything is juuuuust right before the kiddies can see anything. 

My dad called me about 7am, from upstairs, to let me know the boys were up and ready. I heard lots of silly giggles from the stairway. Oh, my heart was full of joy. I remember those Christmas mornings of waiting for the okay from my parents to come see what Jolly Old Saint Nick had left me. 

{Note to self for next year: Set the camera setting to sports mode-these kids are fast when running toward the couch!}

 After checking out all of Santa's gifts, my dad cooked our traditional family breakfast: eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, and biscuits. Yummy!

The boys scarfed down their food and were ready to dive into the gifts under the tree.

My side of the family has a tradition of how to open gifts. The youngest goes first and we take turns opening gifts by age, one gift at a time. It was torture for the kiddos, but they complied with the tradition. :-)





 Christmas afternoon, we loaded up and headed to Chris' parents house for their Christmas get together. We ate yet another yummy dinner and were spoiled with more presents.

They do a free-for-all when opening gifts. The kids were much more excited about that. I didn't get any pictures of the gift opening process, but there was paper and ribbon everywhere and lots of fun and laughter!

Both boys went with their other parents Christmas night, and Chris and I headed home to get ready for a short work week. Our Christmas was Merry and Bright and once again, we were reminded of how important our family is to us!