someone slap this mama {really, do}

Am I really having conversations with my 4 year old about where babies come from? Did my child really tell me he needed me to hold his wee-wee while he peed? Did my child really stand in front of the cat, naked, and shake his booty and say, "look at my booty, look at my booty."

Somebody slap me, because these words did come out of my child's mouth and I'm mortified!

Avery was born via c-section, therefore I have a nice scar on my tummy. Anytime we've ever talked about him being in mama's tummy, he's always asked how he got out. I always told him he was cut out from mommy. It was left at that and I had not planned on addressing anything further than that until he was much older and we had that convo about the birds and the bees.You know the one? It's the same one you dreaded your parents talking to you about. But that's not how it went down this last time. Nope. He said, "I did'n comes out 'tween yo' legs, mama?" Holy Moly!!! I proceeded to pick my jaw up.off.the.floor the rest of the day. HELLO! How would he know about that? It's the playground...yup, that's where they all talk about being born between their mama's legs. NOT!

If that wasn't bad enough, he told me the other night he needed help going to the potty. I asked him why and was told he needed me to hold his wee-wee. Then he laughed. I, on the other hand, wasn't pleased one tinsy.winsy.little.bit. I scurried him off to his room to think about his language. He was ordered to never.ever.ever say that again. Who stole my sweet and innocent child???

My little stinker is also subjecting the cats to his shenanigans. He got out of the tub the other morning and ran across the house nakey. I found him in the living room with his booty in the cats face. He was shakin' that thing like he had rhythm or something. He was signing, "look at my booooooty, look at my booooooty." Oh geez! Am I in for it or what???

Somebody slap me and then tell me this isn't really happening!




Please accept my apologies for being M.I.A. for the past week or so.

Please accept my apologies if I am M.I.A. for another 3 weeks or more.

I promise it's nothing personal against you all.

I'm just getting married in 19 days!



4 years of bliss

Where in the world has the time gone buddy? Mommy is still supposed to be 36 1/2 weeks pregnant and expecting your arrival any day; however, you have somehow managed to grow up way too fast and turn 4 years old today.

Time is moving by entirely too fast and I wish I could slow down the hands of time, but these last 4 years with you have been incredible. Mommy never knew what love was until I looked at your sweet face. You and I have a special bond that will never go away. Ever.

We've gone through all sorts of craziness in your short little life, but man have we had a blast. 
You have the best sense of humor and laugh and you remind me what life is really all about. 

I'm so proud of how far you've come. I know struggling with your speech has not been easy for you buddy, but you have taken the challenge and have amazed us all with your hard work. I love your sweet little voice and our conversations. You have so much to tell and your little brain is like a sponge soaking in the world.

 You have the sweetest little heart and your zest for life inspires me daily.
I love when you want to cuddle and allow me to rock you to sleep. No matter how big you get mommy will always treasure those moments. Every time I rock you to sleep, hear your sweet voice,  or see that precious smile on your face I'm reminded of what a miracle you are. 

I could not be more proud to call you my son and to have the opportunity to be your mommy. It's a gift I will treasure all my life!

Happy 4th Birthday Avery Lawrence.

I love you always,


preschool and 3rd grade {how'd this happen}

Goodness gollies my little dudes had their first day of school today. 
Trevor started 3rd grade and Avery started his second year of preschool. 
Where has the time gone? 
I sure wish it would slow down.
My babies are getting way too big!!!
I love you boys and hope you both have great year at school!


new look, new name

Welcome to our new blog. 
The posts are the same, but the name and look are brand spanking new. With Chris and I getting married in 37 days (who's counting?) I thought the blog needed to be refreshed for our new family.  

I came up with the name "Blended With Love." I thought this was appropriate because we are a blended family. Being a blended family doesn't have to be a bad thing. We are blended with oodles of love for each other. We are a family that leans on each other through the hard times, laugh with one another, wipe each other's tears, and sing praises of joy because God blessed us with each other.

This next session in our lives is going to be amazing and the four of us are jumping with excitement! The boys are excited to call each other brothers and I can see God's hand in creating a special bond between the two. It's heartwarming.
We give glory to God in the highest because we are thankful for you all and your encouragement as we experience this new chapter.



sandy toes & salty kisses {beach trip 2012}

We went to the beach the other week.
We all had a blast.
We soaked up the sun.
We put our feet in the ocean.
We made sandcastles for hours.
We ate lots of good food.
We made memories that will last a lifetime.


little things {and big goodbyes}

When the house I grew up in sold a few weeks ago, we all should have been elated. In this economy, anything that sells should be celebrated. That's not the case here.

Truthfully, I feel as though I'm being selfish, and in some ways I most likely am, for getting caught up in losing what I called "home." In the grand scheme of things I'm lucky to have had a home. However, my sadness doesn't come from the drywall and wood that made this house; it comes from the memories made within those walls and the beautiful land that made it "home."

I rode many hours on the golf cart, 4-wheeler, go-cart, and even scooter on this land. I raised my cows, mowed many acres of grass, and pulled many weeds at the family nursery. This house held many birthday parties, graduation parties, Christmas', Thanksgivings, Easters, and even a wedding.. The last Christmas we had as a "whole" family was at this house. I miss my grandparents coming in the door just to come visit. I miss having my entire family around the dinner table. Although I can't bring back my loved ones, this house held the memories of the ways things used to be. The laughs, tears, giggles, late night talks, and early mornings held within our time on Rays Church Road are something I have always cherished, and will continue to cherish forever.

This move was the end of something beautiful. My parents are getting divorced and "home" will never be "home" again. The dynamics of my family will never be the same and my heart hurts. In all this pain I truly believe there is beauty. I know the phrase "beauty through pain" is becoming somewhat of a cliché, but I firmly believe it can happen. I'm marrying the love of my life next month, I have two beautiful boys, and my own home to make memories with my little family. The growth I've seen from my loved ones during these difficult days (and years) is amazing. God has held my family tightly and I know without a doubt HE got us through these dark days.