sweet boy in p.j.'s

Avery's dad and soon to be step-mom had these adorable pictures made!
Isn't my baby just precious?

{I'll have Christmas pictures up soon!}



Friday, December 14, 2012 was a day that many of us mothers got up and prepared our children for a day of school. By eleven o’clock that same morning, it was a day that we as parents were aching to reach our children and hug them tightly. Our souls were rocking at the core, our hearts were broken, and our minds were spinning trying to comprehend this horrific tragedy in Connecticut.

I was reading an article tonight, A Day for Hatred by Jen Wilkin, which spoke to my heart. The author mentioned the one question that seems to linger on, would we all hate the sin, or would we hate God? I’ve seen so many post and articles these last few days with people asking how God could allow this to happen. My hearts breaks even harder to know that there are people who think God did this. We live in a “free world,” as I saw someone call it today- a free world of sin and hate.

As a mother, my heart melts into pieces just trying to imagine the pain these parents and families are going through. Lives absolutely shattered for reasons we may never know and our feeling of security for our children has vanished. But the one answer I do know is God didn’t do this to us. A world of hate did. A world of sin did. Our society is so divided and everyone is fighting to get to the top, we forget to stop and take a reality check. We forget how to live a simple life and treat others with love. We forget that we are all of God’s children, and instead run over each other like wild beast. I’m as guilty as they come and it’s time for a change.

The tragedy on Friday, December 14, 2012, wasn’t an act of God, but I know God was there giving wisdom to those teachers as they protected those sweet innocent soles and I know God was there to provide strength to all those affected. I, like Jen Wilkin, choose to hate sin, not God. Tonight, as I reflect once again on this heart wrenching tragedy, I fall to my knees and pray that God’s love and warmth can give these precious families comfort to sustain them until they meet with their precious angles again one day. I pray that our society won’t turn their backs on God, but instead know that this tragedy came from this evil world. I pray that we as a country can simplify our lives from this sinful world that constantly puts evil temptations in our way. I pray for hope and healing. Have mercy on our shattered souls dear Lord, I pray!

Psalm 147:3
He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.


heartache at christmas

As I enter this Christmas season, my heart is full of joy. I have a new husband, two amazing children, and a family that would walk through fire for me. It's hard not to have a joyful heart during this time of year, but yet this time of year brings pain. I know many of you out there feel the pain too.

I love change. I love painting the walls or changing the pictures around, but I hate change that brings pain. I miss my family's Christmas traditions. I miss my Nanny & Pop and Grandmama & Granddaddy. And this year, I'm going to miss being in the house I grew up in and my parents being happily married. It's hard. These types of changes make my heart ache. And it makes me wish I could go back to the way things once were-when all my precious loved ones were alive, divorce wasn't a factor, and home was the place you grew up at.

As I was baking goodies over the weekend, I had my Pandora radio blasting Christmas tunes. The song "Grown-Up Christmas List" came on and tears began to stream down my face. It put into words the desires of my heart.

Although this time of year may bring sadness and grief, I challenge you to cling to the promises of God, and the Hope & Joy that we are given from Jesus Christ our Savior!


tell me

:tell me this isn't the cutest picture ever
:tell me that boys are always rough and tough
:tell me that the bond these two brothers share isn't amazing
:tell me that you have to be related by blood to be a family
:tell me that you didn't smile when you saw this pictures
:tell me that this picture of my babies, at the Christmas tree farm, sharing JOY, doesn't make you want to share JOY this Christmas season too!

Just go ahead and tell me, 'cause I'm not believin' it


merry christmas

I just ordered our Christmas Cards from Shutterfly. 
Usually I create my own cards and print them myself, however this year we received a promotional offer through Chris' work and I was able to save tons of money.
I searched through all of their cards and found the perfect one for our family! 
 After checking out on the Shutterfly website, I was able to embed my card to Blogger and will receive a $10.00 coupon for doing so! 
Savings all around!!!
Fir Tree Wishes Holiday Card
Shop hundreds of holiday photo cards at Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.


Elmo Update

Elmo is up to his daily tricks. 

He had to go back to the North Pole this morning because Avery wasn't obeying his mommy. 

Hopefully, with good behavior, Elmo can come back tomorrow.


Elmo's Tricks

Elmo can fly!

To see the excitement on my child's face this morning was priceless!


Meet Elmo {our Elf on a Shelf}

This is Elmo.

He came from the North Pole to help Santa watch over our house.

He showed up at Avery's dad's house last week and flew all the way to our house.

He's a silly little creature.

Here is what Elmo has been up to since he arrived at our home:

{Night 1: Elmo flew from Avery's dad's house all the way to our house {3 hours away}.He was quite tired from his journey.

{Day 1: Elmo tried to carry toilet paper down the stairs. What a mess he made.}

{Day 2: Elmo thought marshmallows where bubbles. He took a nice, sweet bath-in the sink.}


a few projects {home}

{Updated frames & pictures}

{I took most of the black frames and painted them to give the hallway more color}

{Name art I created. I love how these turned out!}

{I love this airplane. So cute. The books behind it were my daddy's when he was a child. I love the colors of them. 


just a few {of my favorite things}


O Holy Night by David Phelps will send chills down your spine!
Click HERE to listen to it. Ahhh-mazing!



I love Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Judd version of Mary Did you Know?
You can listen to it HERE.

I always loved helping my mama get her Christmas china out. So beautiful!

I love our precious stockings!