A Peaceful Night

So I woke up this morning and rolled over for that one more minute worth of sleep. Something didn't seem right-Avery wasn't in the bed. He's supposed to be in my bed. He wakes up every night at 3am for his feeding. I began to go into major-major panic mode. Where in the world is my son? Did someone come in and take him or did he roll off the bed? So I hurried to his room and checked the crib and there he was. I genitally put my hand on his chest to make sure he was breathing.

AHH my precious son. There he was, snug in his crib. He had slept through the entire night. 8pm-7am!!! Wow! Yes, he has slept till 4 or 5 before...but this was a major accomplishment. It has taken us 5 months (because today his is 5 month birthday) to sleep an entire night through and oh my gosh it felt so good!!!!


5 Months

About 13 months ago I was faced with the fact that I was going to be a mother. Not just any mother-a single mother. I remember thinking for so many months..."how am I going to do this?". Well January 16th marks 5 months that I have been a single mom. 5 months that I have gotten up every night to feed my son, change his diapers, bath him, play with him, hold him, (and much more stuff...)but most of love him! Yes I will admit that it's very very hard sometimes and somedays it's all I can do to not give up, but what I realize most is that it's NOT IMPOSSIBLE! I have the greatness of my family and friends to help me, but I will say this and not feel shameful-I and I alone have made the choice to make this situation the best it can be. It is my choice daily to get up and work hard to be the best mother I can be and to provide and make sure my son never goes without. I can also say that I am proud of myself because it would be so easy to give up sometimes, but I haven't and I won't!

So here's to single moms around the world!

With the smile of the newborn
And yet the fear of the unknown
A single mom steps up to life's responsibility.
Who will be there to help?
How long hard will the struggle be?
These rip through her mind as a thorn.

And yet, the radiant smile of the newborn
Reminds her that she is not alone.
For she has him cradled in her arms.
They will make it somehow, some way,
For they have each other and the dawning of a new day.
And the faith that God Himself will be their Father always.



Dear 2009,

I am so glad you finally came! A fresh start for me you have now come to be.
You have been good to me so far. However, it is only January 2nd! I pray that you bring my family, friends, and myself great things this year! The world needs you to be a good year! Don't let us down 2009...we all have faith in you!