creations by cristin {back and running}

After a little hiatus from life and wedding planning, I've gotten my design webpage, Creations by Cristin, back up and running. With Christmas just around the corner {can you believe Christmas is just 3 months away?} I wanted to give you all an opportunity to go ahead and start thinking about your Christmas cards. From now until October 26, I am offering my blog readers 25% off your Christmas cards for placing an advanced order. This does not mean you have to know exactly what design or what you want on your Christmas cards (I know a lot of folks like to put pictures on their cards), but by pre-ordering you guarantee your cards will be made first.

Creations by Cristin also offers birthday invitations, event invitations, pennant banners, cupcake toppers, stationery, food labels, and blog designs.

Please e-mail me at contactcristin@aol.com for any questions.


chickenpox party {anyone?}

Avery has the chickenpox.

Many people have asked me if he was vaccinated.

My answer, "yes!"

However, don't let the term "vaccinated" fool you.

It is still very possible for your child to get chickenpox even after vaccination.

The vaccination doesn't prevent the chickenpox, it helps reduce the risk and seriousness of the virus.

So, we are now home bound and in quarantine.

At least 10 days out of school.

You have to wait until ever blister is scabbed over for you to no longer be contagious.

We have lots of oatmeal baths, lotion, and snuggles prepared for this outbreak.
Hopefully, little dude will have minimal itching.

Please say a prayer if you get a moment!


nothing runs like a clean tractor

Avery insisted that his tractor was too dirty! He requested some bubbles and water to wash it. He worked so hard to get everything on the tractor spic n' span. I loved watching him concentrate and clean every detail of his tractor. He was quite proud of his hard work!



avery's 4th birthday {a month late}

Sweet boy turned 4 in August. Here are the pictures from his actual birthday {we had a little family celebration with pizza, cake, and a few presents} and from his birthday party!




just 3 days {till w-day}

As September 15, 2012 quickly approaches, the jitters have been setting in. The nerves weren't from the thought of standing in front of 100+ people saying my vows or wondering if everything would turn out just the way I have planned. They came from the fear of the unknown. I know without a shadow of a doubt that Chris loves me to pieces. I know without any reservation that I love him more than words can explain. However, I don't know the future, but I kept wondering if I would always be the same person he loved today in 5, 10, 15, 20+ years?

Today, I kept digging deep into my heart to find an answer. I needed clarity that I could and would always be the person he fell in love with. Although I thought of every way possible to stay the same, I realized it was inevitable that I would be a different person in 5, 10, 15, 20+ years from now.  My conclusion was based on the fact that everyday I'm with Chris I strive to be better than I was today. He makes me want to be the best I can be.

When Chris and I found each other, I was broken. I had given up on love and I had given up on the idea of being in love. I was scarred and wounded, but he loved me anyways, shattered pieces and all. Little by little he helped me put the fragments of my heart back together again. He gave me hope, he gave me life, and most importantly, he gave me love. I can honestly say that I never knew what love was and what it could be until I met Chris. With every fiber of my being, I am grateful for the love Chris gives me daily.

In three short days, I will marry this sweet man and start a marriage I am hopeful for. I know God's hand was in this. I know all the heartache in my past played an important role in helping me realize what true love was and is. My heart is bursting with joy, my soul is hydrated, and I am ready to commit my life to this amazing man.


Labor Day (slip n' slide and movie under the stars)

I love getting together with my family. We always have the best time. My aunt and my cousins have mastered an awesome slip n' slide. This past weekend, my aunt added a wonderful addition of a projector so we could have a movie under the stars after the slip n' slide. It was a perfect day with lots of great food and lots of great company!