mini honeymoon {the hubs and I}

The hubby and I went on a "mini" honeymoon this past weekend. We didn't have the boys this weekend, and being this was the first opportunity since we started dating {nearly 2 years ago} that we could get away for more than one night without kiddos, we took advantage of it!

We headed to the mountains Friday, after work. We enjoyed some cozy mountain time Friday night. I had made homemade French Onion Soup Friday morning, and we were able to enjoy a warm bowl as we sat in the quietness of the cabin. Not that I hate my mommy duties, but any mom can probably relate to the rare luxury of getting to enjoy a home cooked meal, without interruptions.

Saturday, after we cooked breakfast, we headed to Helen, GA and enjoyed the crowd for Oktoberfest. We stopped by a vineyard and enjoyed sampling some of Georgia's own homemade wine. Delish! We dined at a quaint little restaurant. I love this restaurant. It's in an old house and the atmosphere is so lovely. After lunch, we enjoyed a round of putt-putt. No, I didn't win, but this wife did get 2 hole n' ones! {How I managed that is still beyond me.}My cousin and her friend drove up for the day and we met up with them at a little café beside the river. And we ate again. {Imagine that.}

On the way back to the cabin, we stopped and bought some fresh boiled peanuts. We devoured those quickly. They were so juicy and it reminded me so much of coming to the mountains as a child. I relish in those sweet memories.

Sunday, we cleaned up the cabin and packed up the car. We headed back to Helen to pick up Avery, who also got to enjoy the mountains this weekend with his dad. We stopped by Betty's Country Store, one of my favorite places, and loaded up a shopping cart full of homemade salsas, chow-chows, and mustard's. They have samples sitting out, and of course we had to try everything. A few samples needed to be tried more than once, you know, just to make sure it was as good as we thought the first time. Betty's also has a very nice selection of fresh-cut meats, so we splurged and picked up a few steaks to grill tonight {Which are marinating as we speak and my mouth is watering to get home and grill them!}

We couldn't leave the mountains without picking up some homemade fudge either. We went in the fudge shop and loaded up. I mean, why not? It's not like it's full of scrumptious calories or anything, right?

On our way back home, we stopped to eat, again. Chris had wanted pizza all weekend, so we swung by this cute little pizzeria and dined on some fresh, fired roasted, pizza.

It was a rejuvenating weekend and we enjoyed the time together.


  1. This sounds like a great mini honeymoon!

  2. sounds like a great weekend!! My husband and I just spent the weekend away and it was wonderful!

  3. Yum! Boiled peanuts are the best... especially from a roadside stand! Did you go to the Fudge Shoppe in Dahlonega? Was the pizza from Caruso's? Glad ya'll had a good time.


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