mama went shopping {what-what}

This mama needed a few wardrobe updates. After work yesterday, I pulled the ole' grocery-getter {aka the minivan} into Old Navy and added a few cute items to the closet. Oh snap, Mama's gettin' down with her bad self. Who said a grocery-getter drivin' mama can't dress cute? It certainly wasn't me!

Here are a few of the items I picked up. I'm so stinkin' excited. I love fall weather and leggins and I'm really diggin' the BRIGHT skinny jeans! I got a blue and green pair! Oh yes indeedy, mama's steppin' up in the world of COLOR!!!

I also found another new love the other week:

These bad boys are more comfy than a baggy t-shirt, leggins, and no bra...weeeeelllll, almost. Since purchasing these little gems, over a week ago, I've worn them every.single.day! I may be the really cool mom and go get them in every color. {Well, the kids don't know how uncool I really am, yet...so technically I could get by with it, right?}

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  1. I am dying to get some of those colored jeans!! I have been wanting to get to ON for weeks! Love your picks!


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