Mr. & Mrs. Richardson

My sweet friend, Laura Leigh, and her amazing husband, Rex, tied the knot last weekend. What an amazing day it was! Laura Leigh and I met in Mrs. Johnson's third grade glass. We hit it off instantly with our love for playing house. Much to Mrs. Johnson dismay, we nurtured our sweet cabbage patch dolls in class as if they were real humans. I remember us pleading with Mrs. J to allow us to feed our hungry babies. Needless to say, Mrs. Johnson won that battle and we were forced to take our imagination elsewhere. Luckily, we only lived one street apart and were able to spend ample time out of school playing. 
Our generation was hit with the Beanie Baby movement and let me tell you, we collected those creatures like it was our full time job. Much like our baby dolls, our Beanie Babies didn't go without. Now, if we could get half the money the Beanie Baby company said those stuffed animals would be worth today, I'm pretty sure we could quit our day jobs and retire early. 
As we grew up, those days of playing grown ups became days we had to be real grown ups. Life has thrown us curve balls and I know from my own personal trials, Laura was someone I could always connect with that understood me. 
I couldn't be more excited for Rex and Laura Leigh. It's been such a joy to get to know Rex. I remember the first time I met him. My husband, Chris, and I went out to eat with them and as the conversation would take us, Rex and Chris grew up just a few streets from each other. It's such a small world. But there was something else I learned that evening-Rex was the one for Laura. I've know her most of my life and I've never seen the excitement in her eyes as when she's around Rex. It warms my heart! Not only was it an honor to be a part of their most special day, but it's an honor to call these two my friends! I love you both and wish you nothing but happiness!

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  1. looks like so much fun!!
    what a great weekend!! and sweet story about your friend!


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