confessions from a mother of a {3} year old

1. My child is 3 and rarely sleeps through the night. So when he slept through the night the past 2 nights, my body didn't know what to do. So it woke up and left me sleepless anyway. Just for kicks and yawns I suppose.

2. My child prefers to urinate outside. Yep! We've gotten into heated debates, my three year old and I, over how we should tee-tee inside.

3. #2 isn't even the worst of the outdoor potty usage. I caught my child pooping in the woods the other day. He was imitating the dog. I asked him what he was doing.  His reply, "I poop in woods like La-La too, Mama."

4. My child is convinced that "boom-boom" (thunder) has a mom, dad, bed, house, car... and I can't figure out a way to explain to him "boom-boom" just disappears with the clouds because clouds have a mom, dad, bed, house, car... too. (Any tips mama's?)

5. I've got one friendly little guy on my hands. He will stand in the yard and wait for anyone to walk or drive by. He says he's telling his "fends hewwo." I can't help but smile, especially when a neighbor stops and talks to him.

6. My 3 year old is very concerned about my old car. He asks regularly "where mama white car go?" Saddie the Saturn must have left a lasting impression on him.

7. I've listened to "Big Green Tractor" about 1.5 million times in the last month. It all started because a certain  3 year old was pitching a mega fit (imagine that) at the grocery store and I found "Big Green Tractor" with tractor pictures on YouTube to distract him. All I ever intended was for him to watch the video so I could  peacefully finish shopping. Little did I know it would become an every.single.day.must.have. Gotta love it.

8. I have introduced my child to a stuffed animal. Most children have "loveies" or "blankies" that they have slept with since infancy. Avery never took to that tradition. However, since we have a big fear of "boom-boom" I thought, hmmm, may a little stuffed puppy dog who would "watch" out for boom-boom while child in reference slept...just maybe...ahhh, yes, now we have Puppy Dog. Yes, that's his official name. Such an appropriate name for a dog dont-cha-think?

9. According to my 3 year old, he doesn't not like "Green Eggs and Ham." He must have really been paying attention to Sam I am.

10. Despite the sleepless nights, the 3 year old tantrums, and the inevitable messes I have to clean up, I'm one lucky mama who is covered in love and joy from one sweet little 3 year old!


my silly boys

Chris is out of town this weekend and the boys and I have been getting into all sorts of fun. 
Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!