longing to meet

I long for the day I get to meet my little bean that left me too soon.  Today marks 3 years since my sweet 8 week old unborn baby gained angel wings.  I found this poem and thought it represented my emotions today well.

A Letter To My Unborn Child

So quickly you came into our lives,
So quickly torn away.
Never got the chance to meet you,
There's so much I want to say.
Where there once was joy and happiness,
Is now sadness, guilt, and pain.
All these thoughts running through my head,
It's enough to drive me insane.
Though you lived only eight short weeks,
You were loved so very much.
I wish that I could hold you,
I long to feel your touch.
On that *morning of July 12th,
My world was ripped from under my feet.
I pray that in another life,
We get the chance to meet.
*Changed to reflect today