long time, no blogging

Wow!  It's been quite a while since I've update the ole' blog.  I hope everyone in the blog-o-phere has been well!  Instead of posting several updates, I'll just combine the last few months into one post.  So, here is the rundown of our lives since August:

{August 2014}

-Avery started kindergarten and turned 6.
-Trevor started 5th grade.
-I received my diploma for my associates degree and was accepted into the business school at GSW.


{September 2014}

-Chris and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary.
-Trevor began his first season of soccer.



{October 2014}

-I took Avery to his first college football game.
-We carved pumpkins {the kids got to design their own pumpkin faces-which they loved!}.
-Chris and I went to 3 weddings in 2 weekends.  We are blessed to have such amazing friends and were delighted to celebrate their special days with them.
-We took our little ninja and police office trick-or-treating.



pray for kate

I've been a longtime follower of Kate Mcrae.  Kate is a sweet 10 year old girl who at just the age of 5 1/2 was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer.  Kate surpassed all odds and beat cancer not one, but two times.  However, this past week, the family received the devastating news that the cancer was back.  Today, sweet Kate undergoes yet another brain operation to remove the new tumor.  Her family has asked that we pray for their sweet daughter, their family, and all of the medical staff treating Kate.  I ask that you pray along side this family as well.

To read more about Kate's story, please visit http://www.prayforkate.com


oh how the years go by {avery turns 6}

Dear Avery,

When I think about you turning 6, my heart aches a little.  It's not that I'm not enjoying you at this stage in your life, because you always bring joy to my life, but my heart aches because these years are going by so fast!  I cannot begin to describe these past 6 years and how much I have enjoyed being your mommy.   You, my dear baby, are amazing! Your zest for life is beyond my soul’s comprehension. I am in awe of every accomplishment you have made, every new thing you've learned, and your powerful and gentle spirit.  I often times call you "grandpa" because you always think things through, ask numerous questions (more like 100's of questions), and you always take your time.

Son, you are wise beyond your years.  You have a heart of gold and are one of the most passionate people I know.  You pray for those around you, you worry about those who are ill or hurt, and you always want to make sure everyone is okay.  Your little brain is like a sponge--you love to learn new things and you soak up life to the fullest.  So far, you enjoy school and are eager to learn.  I hope this doesn't change.  You are a brilliant little boy.

As of today, you say you want to be a Coca-Cola truck driver.  You love the Coca-Cola trucks and are always excited to go see them at Chris' work.  I'm sure that whatever you decide to do in life, you will give it your best!  You've always had a tremendous work ethic and for that I am grateful.

I want you to know that mommy is always here for you and will always, always, always love you no matter what!  You make my days brighter and you fill my heart with so much love.  I hope you have an amazing 6th birthday and remember mommy loves you more than there are stars in the sky!

I love you, Avery!




We ventured North a few weeks ago to the great state of Ohio for a family reunion for Chris' Mom's side of the family.

It was Avery and my first time to Ohio and it was both Trevor and Avery's first time on a big jet. Trev was a bit nervous and Ave was beside himself with excitement, but both boys did amazingly and the plane rides to and from went super!

We flew up on Friday morning and spent the late afternoon at the farm (the family farm where the reunion was held).

On Saturday, over 100 folks gathered for great food and fellowship.  It was so neat to finally put faces with names that I've heard about since Chris and I started dating.  Everyone was so friendly and kind.  I loved meeting all of the extended families and hearing all of the family stories.  So many times we were in tears laughing from all of the shenanigans.  You could just feel the love on the farm.  It really is a magical place!

On Sunday, we had some time to burn before flying home so we headed out to the farm for a few hours and then headed to a local dairy/restaurant.  The kids had so much fun and loved being able to pet the animals and eat ice cream.  Afterward, we headed to the airport to make our way back home.

I know most people think family reunions are those dreaded events when you have to go and pretend you know who everyone is, but not this one.  This family reunion was amazing!  We met so many great cousins, aunts, and uncles and we all wished we had a few more days to stay.

{waiting for our plane to Ohio}

{preparing for take-off}

{successful flight}

{the 4 remaining 1st generation}

{2nd generation}

{3rd generation}

{4th generation}

{the outlaws aka. the spouses}

{the whole crew}

{reunion fun!}




 {Sunday fun at the dairy}


number 10 {happy birthday}

Today, you, Trevor James turn 10 years old!  WOW!  


When I met you, sweet boy, you were only six.  

Time has flown by and you have grown up way too fast. 


You are such a special little man and I am beyond blessed to have you as a son.  

You brighten my days and can always make me smile! 


I have had an absolute blast with you over these last 4 years. 


We've made memories that I will cherish for a lifetime.  

I love your creativeness and imagination.  I always enjoy our craft times together.



You are such a great big brother to Avery and my heart is warmed by the love you two share. 

I hope you both always carry this special bond.




You are certainly a daddy's boy, and I love watching you and your daddy spend time together.  



I know your daddy loves you more than you'll ever know!


You have such a big heart and care deeply about the people around you. 


You truly make the world a better place!


I look forward to many more years and all the special times we will have in the future.


I love you more and more everyday (if that's even possible) and I am so, so, so proud of you! 


Happy Birthday, sweet boy!


I love you always!