the joys of boys

I go to pick up Avery yesterday afternoon from his sitter. Her son runs cross country and had a meet at the high school. I get to the track as the last few laps were ran. Avery's sitter and I are standing there talking and carrying on just like any other day. I can see Avery out of the corner of my eye and knew he was right there with me. So the sitter and I kept talking. Then I looked down to see that my child had pulled his pants down, had his penis in hand, and is about to pee on the lawn of the track. I hurry and pull his pants up and look around to see who all might be starring at me. Those poor runners. They were trying to concentrate and here is my child naked about to pee on their running area. I guess I'm going to have to stop letting Avery pee in the yard at home.

After I picked Avery up, we go home and I start to get ready for my girls night. I lock the house up good so Avery can't escape and jump in the shower. All seems to be well while I'm in the shower. He normally plays or watches T.V. I get out of the shower to check on him to see the biggest mess ever. He got into the dogs food and water bowls and spilled that everywhere and then he dumped out an entire bag of dog treats and cheese nips in the floor. Oh my!

I start to clean up this mess when he runs to me and says, "mama, I wet." Oh geez, He peed his pants. I clean up that mess and take him upstairs for a bath. Luckily, bath time didn't turn out so bad, but goodness I was worn out and it wasn't even time to leave the house yet.

Oh, the joys of boys!



boys and cars

I guess it doesn't matter the color of the car, or the fact that they are Barbie cars, boys like cars. They also like to take care of their cars and park them nicely in their respected garages.


meet my new friend:


I'm a diet coke-a-holic. I admit it. There's no shame in my game, but there is shame in the fact I still have extra weight from when I had a baby, ahem, three years ago. I've lost 25 pounds, but let's get real folk, it's time for the rest of this weight to go! I'm ready to be back in my skinny jeans and I'm not talking about the cute skinny jeans they sell at Old Navy.

So I tried eliminating all soda last week...that worked out not so well. So I'm using you, my readers, as my accountability partners. I need encouragement. This is crazy talk in my world, you know, me without soda!

So you guys with me? Anyone else want to join in and say bye-bye to soda and hello to water?


six flags

We went to Six Flags last Saturday.

Here is Trevor. He's anxiously awaiting to ride his first ever BIG roller coaster.

While Avery was excited to look at the roller coasters, little man just didn't make the height cut to ride. Not that his scaredy cat mama was disappointed.

We found the kids area and found a few more enjoyable rides for the kiddos.

Avery was hesitant about riding the swings without his mama, but he mustered up the courage and went ahead and rode.

The boys spotted the airplanes and couldn't wait to take off.

And off they went!

We had a great time! Happy Wendesday!