Avery's 3 Month Pictures

Finally got the pictures back from our 3 month old session! I can't believe how much he's already changed since these were taken! Melody always does a wonderful job!


Back To School

I went today to Athens Tech. and they said I had been accepted back into college and that I would be getting Pell Grant and HOPE grant!!! So it's official...I am going back to school!

I keep smiling thinking about it. It makes me look back over the past year and a half and think of how everything in my life has changed and how far I have come as a person.

I went to ABAC (a college in Tifton) for 3 years. I wasn't the best student and because of some stupid choices I flunked out. My parents decided to they weren't going to pay for me to live in Tifton anymore and I was on my own. I got a good job working at a law firm and paid for everything myself. I learned so much and I learned the value of a dollar for the first time in my life. I got pregnant in this time period as well and had to grow up even more... and fast!

When I was about six months pregnant my mother and I were talking and I was telling her that I was proud of myself for being able to manage my job and all my expenses on my own the past year, but much to my surprise-she wasn't so impressed. She told me I hadn't done anything in a long time to make her proud. What a blow to the chest that was. Can you imagine how hard it is to hear your mother tell you there wasn't anything in a long time for her to say "I am proud of you!"

Well guess what...

I can't wait to show everybody who ever doubted me being able to be a single mom, work a full time job, and go to school that I CAN DO IT!!! No one is going to bring me down and I cannot wait to get my diploma and say I TOLD YOU I COULD!!!


Habitual Violator

So I will publicly admit that I am a Habitual Violator for the "crime" of locking my keys in my car. I am known state wide for this violation. I committed this crime 5 times in 1 month. Yes, yes, I know-"don't you think you would learn"? Well, I try to learn and remember, but it keeps on happening.

However, my latest lockout incident happened this morning.

I went to crank up my car so that it would be warm for Avery and I when we headed off this morning. It wouldn't crank. "Shoot", I said. So I ran back in the house and told my dad and mom and asked if I could borrow the Yukon. I hurriedly got Avery's car seat buckled in the Yukon and transferred everything from my car into this one. I run back inside and get Avery and rush out the door.

I get all the way to Brenna's and get Avery out of the car, change his poopy diaper, chat with Brenna for a minute and run back to the car to hurry off to work.

Thinking I was going to be terribly late, I sped the entire way. Lucky me, I was going to be early to work, so I stopped by Chick-Fi-La and grabbed some breakfast.

Right when I pull up to pay it hit me..."OH MY GOSH...MY KEYS!!!" Yes, my office keys were on the same key chain as my car keys that were still in the ignition of the car that wouldn't crank.

So I called a co-worker, who had already called in sick today, to come let me in. While I waited for 20 minutes I sat in the hallway of my office building and ate my very tasty Chick-Fi-La breakfast burrito.

How does this happen to me? I think I am cursed!