corn dawgs {fall fun}

Chris and I took the kids on a little surprise trip to Corn Dawgs last weekend.
If you live in our area and haven't been, it's a must do!

There was an airplane you could get in and pretend you were driving-a must for my airplane lovin' boys!

Trevor loved the mazes. He mastered the rope maze in a matter of seconds!

I had never been in a corn maze-it was pretty cool. Even though I felt at times we may never find the end, the boys thought it was pretty fun!

The maze is cut in honor of Atlanta Braves player, Chipper Jones!

Avery wasn't quite sure what to think at first, but he quickly engaged himself into the adventure!

The boys needed some refueling after their adventure through what seemed like miles of corn, so of course shaved ice and cotton candy was a must-have.

Avery couldn't hold in his excitement to bounce high into the air! The child has no fear!!!

Nothing other than smiles and giggles from this sweet boy as he soared up into the air.

 This activity made me a little nervous-so glad my boys are so strong. I just kept waiting for one to fly through the air.

But here again, these kiddos lack any fear!

 The mountain slide was also a big hit, even for Chris and I.

The kids enjoyed the underground tunnel better. I, too, thought it was pretty neat!

They would run out and hurry back up the "mountain" to slide again! I should make one of these at home. Don'tchathink?

I love this one! This child is a ridin' fool!

This sweet baby likes to ride too!

We had an amazing day as a family! I feel very fortunate that we have places around us that allow for such fun family days!

Happy Monday!!!


  1. Where is this?? Beautiful pictures!

    1. It's in Walnut Grove! So, so, so much fun!!!

  2. These pictures are adorable! And great! What kind of camera you usin' for these guys?



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