head spinng kinda busyness

I don't think I've had a terribly busy week in a long time. Weekends can get hectic, but this week is going to be super duper, mama's head is going to spin right off her neck, I don't know where to begin kinda busy.

Starting tonight, I have course 2 class 1 of my Wilton cake decorating class. Then it's prepare, prepare, prepare, prepare  for Trevor's 8th birthday party. I've got grocery shopping to do, a cake to make, food to prepare, a banner to make, a house to clean...whew, the list goes on and  I'm worn out already thinking about it. Not to mention, Chris and I are taking each other to Atlanta on Wednesday to see Neil Diamond in concert. I bought him the tickets for his birthday and since it's my first annual 25th birthday on Thursday, we are making a mini trip out of it to the big ole A.T.L. I'm so excited, I'm literally about to jump out of my skin.

Also, I have to take Avery to the doctor today for his check-up and to get shots. Oh.My.Goodness.Soul am I nervous about it! Little dude hasn't had shots since he was one. I don't think this is going to go over well and my stomach is already in knots. So if you have a sec today, please say a little prayer for us!

Happy Monday to you all!

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