Doing the Hoakey Croaky

{Warning: Don't read this if you have a weak stomach.}

No one is safe at our house at the moment. Not even the dog. Ever since Sunday morning, little A has had some crazy stomach critter. I thought these things lasted 24-48 hours, however, the sleepless days and nights I've encountered this week have proven otherwise.

Poor little fella had never thrown up before. Spit-up from milk as an infant, yes, throwin' chunks like a 50yd pass, not so much. He did not know what to think and told me it was "tuky." My heart broke for him. He ran a fever for two days, had 3 puking spells and only a few poopy incidences, but it was enough to keep him down most of the week.

As if one pukey-poopy person in the house wasn't enough, the dog started in on the fun too. Yes, the dog. I really thought I was losing my mind. Was this really happening? Not only were bed sheets going in the wash constantly, but so were the rugs in the bathroom. At one point, I was in the bathroom cleaning up dog poopy and throw up, Avery was on the toilet with the cha-cha's, and the cat was in her litter box leaving a present. It was pretty crappy. No pun intended there folks.

Oh well. What fun is life without curve balls being thrown at-cha?

Last night I started sanitizing the house. I Cloroxed all the door knobs, Avery's bed and mattress, and sanitized my floors. I really don't want this ooeey mess. However, if for some reason I do catch this madness, I want to puke off about 20 pounds. Is that too much to ask for?

Any-hoo, if you attended the birthday party last weekend at my house, beware. So far 2 other kiddos have had the Hoakey Croaky this week. So it's going around with a vengeance. Be careful friends...it ain't pretty!

Hope everyone is having a fab-ol-lish week! Remember to keep your hands washed well. Lots-o-germs floating around.

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  1. Yuck-O! I've heard that kiddos don't get 24 hour bugs. Sometimes they last as long as two weeks. Keep the Clorox coming! :) Hope he feels better!


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