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Our family has multiplied by 3 now. We have now added 2 fish tanks and 3 fish to our family. Chris and I have been implementing positive reinforcement rewards to the kiddos for good behavior. Avery had to sleep in his own bed for 3 nights in a row (without mommy), get 5 smiley faces on his behavior chart, and try broccoli (which he loved!) to receive his prize. Trevor had to have good behavior, clean his play room and keep it clean during Spring Break,  and try new foods (hated broccoli) to get his. Needless to say, Trevor received his prize before Avery. It seems Avery doesn't like to sleep without mommy in his room, even when being bribed, but he finally made it and now both boys have fish tanks and fish.

We introduce to you, Muddy, Buddy, and Little Rat.

I'm not sure if the arrow is pointing to Muddy or Buddy, but the other fish was hiding out in his fake seaweed. Little Rat seems to be enjoying his spacious home and has been a swimming fool.

I'm not sure how Muddy and Buddy got their names, but Trevor is mighty proud of his new pet friends.

Avery thinks Little Rat is the coolest. I keep asking him where Little Rat's name came from and his reply, "Mal-Mart" (Wal-Mart). I don't think he understands the question, but it's cute to hear him say it nonetheless.

According to Avery, the little ship in Little Rat's aquarium is his school. He goes there while he's at school. He even went up to the aquarium this morning and said, "Wittle Rat, have funs a 'tool, I loves you." Melted my heart.

Just pray neither one of the boys ask for a snake, lizard, or frog next time. This is about as close to an amphibian or reptile as I'm going to get!

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