chirp chirp {bird houses}

My kids love all things artsy and crafty. When it comes to our arts and crafts projects, we aren't the most environmentally friendly folks. I could not tell you how much paper we go through a month from tracing, painting, and building things. But you know, the kids are having fun, we have tons of masterpieces made, and I love the fact they can express themselves in such ways. We can't hug trees all the time, especially when there is art to be made.

The other week, we went outside of our paper makin' skills and we painted wooden bird houses. Ooooo! Ahhhhh! Yes, there was much excitement in my children's eyes; so much in fact, these little jokester's woke me up at 7:30am on a Saturday morning to paint these bad boys. The actual idea of buying bird houses came from little ole' Avery. He drank a juice box one day and then wanted me to cut a hole in it for birds. I was quite impressed that he came up with the idea. I haven't seen where they've done this at school so it was amazing to see what his little brain came up with. I didn't think the cardboard juice box would withstand Mother Nature, so I headed to the good ole' Hobby Lobby and picked up what would soon be bird house masterpieces.

Look at the kiddo's working so hard! I wish I could concentrate that well at the crack of dawn.

No birdies are residing in these beautiful houses yet, but we check them often and are anticipating the sweet sounds of chirp.chirp.chirp soon!

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