brightness {bring your sunglasses}

I love color! Bright, beautiful, bold colors. I have no shame in my game. Walls are meant to be painted and by golly I'm ah-paintin'em'! I often times find random pictures to formulate a color scheme for my webpages or cupcake toppers that I make, but this time the random picture is for my bedroom and bathroom.

Aren't the colors just lovely? 

As soon as I saw this picture, off to Wal-Mart I went with my mind spinning with ideas. I was always told not to paint your bedroom red. Supposedly it will give you nightmares and bring bad luck, so turquoise won that battle by a long shot. However, that did not exclude red from the bathroom. Oh, red paint, how we have a love hate relationship now. Who's bright idea was it to paint red walls anyway? Oh, mine, ahem. 

Anyone want to take a lil' gamble on how many coats it is going to take to make my walls pretty red? 
Hint: I've already got one coat on and it ain't lookin' perty.

Here are some  photos of the rooms. Please excuse the fuzzy, used my cell phone instead of my nice camera, can't really get a good feel of what it really looks like pictures. 

I'll be posting more of the progress soon. As well as other things we've been up to!
Happy Thursday!

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