cha-cha-changes {a post in which I catch you up on our life}

Goodness gracious alive! I've got so many blog post to catch up on. Mainly pictures of my goofy boys, but blog post nonetheless. I just have this strange obsession with wanting to edit my pictures, but never having enough time to do so. Anyone else have this issue? Raise your hand if you do. Whew!  I knew I wasn't the only one.

We've got BIG changes going on at our hizzle-fo-shizzle. No, I'm not preggers, and no we're not engaged. We are building a SHED! Yes friends, a shed. A shed that will soon be filled with all of our, ahem, junk excess valuables. I couldn't be more excited. I'm visually doing cartwheels around our house because we are going to have so much more room.Chris and I are moving our room to the master bedroom, which is now a playroom/junk room, and each of the boys will finally have their own rooms.Yippee!!!

I'm excited to start painting and decorating our bedroom. I've got Pinterest ideas bouncing off my cranial walls right now. Oh, the excitement is pouring out. I know we are on a tiiiiiiiight budget, but a few DIY crafts can change a room in a second.

Stay tuned for upcoming post. New colors, new rooms, new pictures, new cha-cha-changes!

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