clean thoughts

Some sing in the shower, some quickly jump in and get out, some dance, but for me, I meditate.

It's my prayer time--- my deep, life changing, thinking time.

Jesus and I have a lot of heart-to-hearts while I'm in the shower. I figure if I'm cleaning my body on the outside, I might as well clean my heart as well.

Sometime I cry out to Jesus while I'm shaving my legs. Crying in the shower makes it easier to hide the tears. Sometimes I praise Jesus for the blessing flowing in my life. Praising Jesus in the shower is refreshing, especially when I get those 15 minutes of quiet time. Sometimes I talk to Jesus about my shortcomings as I wash away the germs of my daily life. And it all rejuvenates my soul.

This morning, while I was meditating in the shower, my thoughts went to being a mommy. Of course, as any mother would know, if you get those 15 minutes to shave your legs, washing your hair, and bathe yourself uninterrupted, you're lucky. There aren't many days I get in the shower without hearing "mommy!" Sometimes it annoys me. I just want 15 stinkin' minutes to myself. But today, this particular morning, it made me happy. It put my life in reality.

That sweet voice calling "mommy" was my precious gift from God. To him, I'm the best at everything. I'm the one who heals all boo-boos, makes the juice in his sippy cups sweater, the one he calls in the middle of the night when he wakes up. I am this sweet child's mommy. {Chills!}

I don't know why this particular morning felt different. Maybe it's because I've been stressed and didn't stop to relish in this amazing opportunity to be called "mommy." Maybe it's because I hear it so much and it generally means he's gotten into something  he shouldn't have, or he's requesting juice two seconds after I sit down to relax, or it's disturbing my 15 minutes to shower. But today, I really heard "mommy" for the first time in a long while. And you know what? It felt amazing!

Please don't get me wrong, I love my kids and I'm one of those moms who watches them sleep and thinks about how lucky I am, but I'm human too. I want "me" time. I want a break from "chores" every now and then, I get tired of cleaning spoiled milk out of lost sippy cups, sometimes hearing "mommy" 100 times a day can get overwhelming, but this is my life, and I wouldn't change a thing about it.

I love my shower time, I love my time with Jesus, I love my time cleansing my soul, and this morning I loved hearing "mommy" from the sweetest 4 year old I know!

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