gold diggin' & snow throwin'

We wanted to do something adventurous with the boys this past weekend. We thought about going to Stone Mountain and tubing at Snow Mountain, but the cost and time constraints they give you there didn't seem worth it. I was disappointed because I really wanted to enjoy some snow since I'm pretty sure none will be coming to our house. Chris started looking around on the internet to see what else we might enjoy as a small day trip. After tossing a few ideas, we decided on Dahlonega.

Dahlonega, Georgia is known for gold mining and is a neat little town with cute shops and diners. Trevor has been asking to mine for gold for quite some time, and Avery was excited to find "treasures." So off we went.

We stopped about 15 minutes from Dahlonega to eat lunch. Chris just so happened to look at the weather on his phone and saw a bright pink spot, indicating snow, covering the area we were about to be in. We had no idea when we left the house that it was supposed to snow.

After lunch, we loaded back up in the car and before we reached our destination, we were driving in snow flurries. The boys went hysterical they were so excited, and Chris and I were pretty darn excited too!

At first it wasn't sticking to the ground, but it was golf fall size flurries coming down. The snow was gorgeous, and it was the best surprise from Mother Nature, ever!

We decided to head to the gold mine first. There, we were able to mine for gold. The boys had a lot of fun doing this. Trevor was eager to find hundreds of dollars worth of gold, and Avery splashed in the water as he looked for his treasures. Each of us found a small piece of gold, and we were told each of our pieces were worth around $.40-$.50 a piece. We struck it rich!


After we found our gold, we went on a mine tour of the only gold mine in Georgia safe enough to go into. I'm pretty sure I toured the mine when I was in elementary school, so it was neat to go back with my family. Our tour guide was quite the character and told us many stories of the how the miners worked. I couldn't image working in a mine.


We ended our special adventure day eating dinner at a pizzeria and having a snowball fight. The snow continued to fall and began sticking to the ground. It turned out to be a great day and we made some amazing memories as a family.

Here is a link to the gold mine we went to: http://www.consolidatedgoldmine.com/

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