Anyone with children can relate to the after work rush (pick-up the kids, hit up the grocery store, rush home to cook dinner...) and the hustle and bustle of trying to get home at a decent hour.

Well today, the after work rush got the best of me and I left my purse, in the buggy, out in the parking lot, at Wal-Mart. 

Yep, sure did!

I got half way home (15 minutes away from the store) before I realized what I had done. Panic sunk in. I was tempted to drive on the side of the road to get back to Wal-Mart faster. 

My heart was racing. I pulled into Wal-Mart on two wheels. I circled the lot to where I had put our buggy, and no buggy. 

They had all been collected. 

I saw the parking lot guys, asked them, nope, no purse. My heart was about to jump out of my chest. 

My phone, credit cards, debit card, checks, ID...my entire life on paper was in this purse. 

I park the car and Avery and I rushed into the store. I waited in the line at customer service (there's always a line at customer service in Wal-Mart) and just about peed myself with nerves. Finally, it was our turn. I asked the lady and she was overjoyed to tell me my purse had been turned in.

I couldn't believe it. 

She said a sweet customer had seen it in the lot and brought it in. The customer service lady said she had called the last person on my phone list (my husband) to let him know. 

I was still in disbelief that my purse had been turned in. I'm so thankful for good, honest, wholesome people that are still left in this world. 

So, thank you to the sweet person, at Wal-Mart, that turned in my purse!

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