zumba, nothin' in the wumba

So I started Zumba this week. My neighbor invited me and I'm oh so glad she did. I've only gone once {going again tonight} and it was like going on vacation.

So refreshing, I tell ya!

Anyway, I tell Avery mommy is going to the gym {Zumba} now and he just doesn't quite get it. Of course, I try to explain that mommy's belly jiggles too much, and he ask if there is a baby in my tummy. Nope, no baby here, I explain.

{I really need to teach my child that not everyone with jiggly tummy's have babies in them. Remind me to get on that discussion soon asap. Thanks.} 

If any of you know how 4 year old's work, this conversation was not over.

So we begin the discussion over why there wasn't a baby in mommy's tummy, how babies get in tummies, and how babies get out of tummies. Lord, you didn't prepare me for this.

I keep to the basics. There isn't a baby in mommy's tummy because God hasn't put one in there and the doctors cut mommy's tummy open to get the babies out.

And of course he explains to me he wants a baby brother. I explain that when God puts a baby in mommy's tummy, God decides if it's a boy or girl. He didn't really get it. So I asked if he would like a baby sister one day. He said no, just a brother. I explained again that only God decides if it's a boy or girl, and then he told me he didn't want a baby in mommy's tummy anymore.

End of story.

If mommy can't make it a boy, then he's not having it.

I think I'll just continue going to Zumba and get rid of the jiggles and worry about the womb another day, or year.

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