flash back day {waiting}

One year ago today, I wrote a blog post (click here to read it) reminiscing the day my sister was born. I still remember the day in bits and pieces, but the one thing I remember most was the excitement I had knowing I had a baby sister!

On this day, I also remember the anniversary of when my Pop had his bladder removed due to cancer. The surgery was supposed to fix everything. He was projected to recover and live a normal life. He made it through surgery without any issues. Except for a cancer cell got away and spread like wild fire to his lungs. A cancer cell we wouldn't know got away until 2 months and 9 days later from the surgery and 3 days later, we lost him. I look at the irony of this day; life and death, it never escapes us. No one can avoid it, because it affects us all.

I think back to the day my little sister was born, and I remember sitting in the waiting room with my head in my Pop's lap, waiting, not so patiently, for my sister. We were all waiting to celebrate a new life. Then I think back to this day, 4 years ago, and my memories go back to a hospital, where we waited, not so patiently, for word that my Pop was going to be okay. Life is funny like that, you know? It's always throwing around curve balls to make you search within your soul to figure out what this life is all about. Is it about waiting to live or waiting to die? Or do we ignore the obvious and live like there is no tomorrow? Personally, I prefer the latter. I like to live my life to the fullest. I never want to waste a moment and I want to die happy. But sometimes we can’t do that because this crazy life we live makes us wait. And on this particular day, 22 years ago, I waited for life, and 4 years ago, I prayed for life!

Happy Birthday to my sister, Callie!

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