our christmas {2012}


Our first Christmas get together was at my aunt's house. It was a very nice evening, with all of my cousins, lots of yummy food, and all of our silly kids.


My parents, sister, Avery, and I went to the Christmas Eve service at church. Chris had to go pick up Trevor, so after church, we all headed to my house and prepared dinner until Chris and Trevor got home. Mom and I cooked our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of homemade lasagna and layered salad. The boys were wild and crazy with excitement that Santa would be coming.

My parents and sister spent the night with us, which was a special treat for us all too.


I woke up early in anticipation of the excitement that would soon be scurrying down our stairs bright and early. I had told the kids they couldn't come downstairs until they got the official okay from me. You know us moms have to get the camera's set and make sure everything is juuuuust right before the kiddies can see anything. 

My dad called me about 7am, from upstairs, to let me know the boys were up and ready. I heard lots of silly giggles from the stairway. Oh, my heart was full of joy. I remember those Christmas mornings of waiting for the okay from my parents to come see what Jolly Old Saint Nick had left me. 

{Note to self for next year: Set the camera setting to sports mode-these kids are fast when running toward the couch!}

 After checking out all of Santa's gifts, my dad cooked our traditional family breakfast: eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, and biscuits. Yummy!

The boys scarfed down their food and were ready to dive into the gifts under the tree.

My side of the family has a tradition of how to open gifts. The youngest goes first and we take turns opening gifts by age, one gift at a time. It was torture for the kiddos, but they complied with the tradition. :-)





 Christmas afternoon, we loaded up and headed to Chris' parents house for their Christmas get together. We ate yet another yummy dinner and were spoiled with more presents.

They do a free-for-all when opening gifts. The kids were much more excited about that. I didn't get any pictures of the gift opening process, but there was paper and ribbon everywhere and lots of fun and laughter!

Both boys went with their other parents Christmas night, and Chris and I headed home to get ready for a short work week. Our Christmas was Merry and Bright and once again, we were reminded of how important our family is to us!

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