avery {instagram style}

This 4 year old of mine cracks me up!

He will do a funny face and say, "Mama takes of pit-ur of me's like dis."
So I comply.

He and Leroy {the cat} have a special bond.
You can often find this sweet kitty sitting on the side of the tub watching his BFF take a bath.

He watches the ripples in the water.
It's quite funny!


But, most of the time he just drinks the water from the tub, which I'm okay with, because it's not the toilet water that he often drinks as well.
I had to explain to Avery Leroy doesn't want to get in the bath tub with him {because of course Avery would love that}, but that kitties bathe themselves. 
Avery thought that was really neat. 
And so now every time the cat licks himself Avery screams, "Mama, 'Roy is takings his bafs."

Avery also like to surprise me with his goofy wardrobe.
This morning he went upstairs and found this baby bib of his. 
And of course, he said, "Mama takes of pit-ur of me's like dis."
And once again, I complied.

Then we have sweet, quiet, moments like this. 
I told you they were BFF's!
{Please excuse the covers, my bed spread was in the wash.}

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  1. these are so cute....He sure has gotten big...and so handsome....love your blog...
    -Amanda Oneal


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