heartache at christmas

As I enter this Christmas season, my heart is full of joy. I have a new husband, two amazing children, and a family that would walk through fire for me. It's hard not to have a joyful heart during this time of year, but yet this time of year brings pain. I know many of you out there feel the pain too.

I love change. I love painting the walls or changing the pictures around, but I hate change that brings pain. I miss my family's Christmas traditions. I miss my Nanny & Pop and Grandmama & Granddaddy. And this year, I'm going to miss being in the house I grew up in and my parents being happily married. It's hard. These types of changes make my heart ache. And it makes me wish I could go back to the way things once were-when all my precious loved ones were alive, divorce wasn't a factor, and home was the place you grew up at.

As I was baking goodies over the weekend, I had my Pandora radio blasting Christmas tunes. The song "Grown-Up Christmas List" came on and tears began to stream down my face. It put into words the desires of my heart.

Although this time of year may bring sadness and grief, I challenge you to cling to the promises of God, and the Hope & Joy that we are given from Jesus Christ our Savior!

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