We are all doing well in our little world over here.
Avery is growing up so fast.
He's currently 2 1/2 and wears 3T shirts and 4T pants and a size 9 in his shoes.

Avery recently started speech therapy twice a week.
It's going well.
He was scored at having a 11-12 month old language comprehension.
So we have a bit of work to do, but he's taking it like a champ!
We've been teaching him a few signs and I must say it's adorable to watch him sign.
Right now, "more" and "please" are his favorite signs.
At home we've been working hard on our words as well.
Every night we look at the My First 100 Words book and go through all the pictures.
He's making a lot of progress already!

I found an awesome sign language site called My Smart Hands.
It's been really helpful for Avery to sign things to me.
It cuts down on a lot of frustration and it's beneficial for him to learn to say new words more quickly.

Hope you all are doing well and are staying warm!!!

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