Today, I did the unthinkable. I.Cut.Up.Every.Credit.Card.In.My.Purse. WHEW!

I'm sure many of you have gotten a taste of the nasty plague called credit card debt. Word.Vomit. I've researched my little heart out on ways to get rid of this mounting stress causer, but money doesn't grow on trees so I guess you won't find me out back shaking the money tree. So I've decided to tackle this mean.green.money.sucking.machine and just get rid of the cause. One by one I cut and sliced and cut and sliced my credit cards into little pieces and I made myself a promise to pay off these bad boys by April and then start funding my savings account, like I should have been doing all along.

Have any of you ever cut up all your cards? What tips do you have on getting out of debt?

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  1. I do have 1 credit card, but I keep them more for the purpose of collecting points and redeeming the points for some freebies and/or vouchers and stuff. And because of Internet banking, I make sure I settled the payment the moment the transaction was reflected in my credit card account. That way, I will not be owing any money at all.

    Back to your case, good for you!


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