Caper Pasta

I. Love. Capers.

I'm certain that I could eat these bad boys on everything! Last night I was really craving some of these tiny, juicy little suckers so to the grocery store I went. I had read MckMama's blog the other day and saw her Turkey Penne Pasta Salad recipe and was really craving it as well. So I put this brain of mine to work, if that's even possible since I had worked 8 hours that day and just got out of a 2 hour long microbiology lecture, and started thinking how I could combine my two cravings.

So this is what I came up with:

I cooked my penne pasta.
As my pasta was boiling, I sauteed my capers in a small skillet with a little olive and the caper juice.
Once the capers were done (about 3-5 minutes), I set them aside to cool and began to prepare my other ingredients.
In a bowl (big enough to mix all the ingredients up in) I added shredded turkey (I used deli meat), finely chopped avocado, feta cheese, about 2 tbsp of olive oil, about 1 tbsp of lemon juice, and a couple shakes of garlic powder and pepper. By this time my capers had cooled off and I poured them into the mixture as well.
When my pasta was done, I drained it and cooled it off by running cold water over it.
I then added my pasta to the mix and stirred everything well.

End result: Delish!!!

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