Fourth of July Part 2

I have pictures coming, but haven't had time to upload them off my camera yet. As you all might be wondering, Avery hated the fireworks. Not just hated, despised them. Poor child.

We went to a local shopping center parking lot that hosted a band this year and has tons of people attending to watch the county fireworks. When the fireworks started, it startled him and he ran to my sister. Then a few really loud ones came and he jumped into my arms. Poor thing would not even look at the fireworks. Bless his heart when he turned around in my lap to avoid looking at them, there were more off behind me going off at the country club. He remained calm enough for us all to enjoy the pretty colors in the sky. He never did turn around to look at the ones we went to watch, but he did experience the ones in the distance.

Maybe next year he will enjoy them more.

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