When Will the Rain Stop?

With the grieving process just beginning for my Pop, we have now learned we will be grieving my grandmother (Nanny) too. Nanny is a severe diabetic, has congestive heart failure, gastroparesis, as well as many other complications. Nanny has been on dialysis for about 6 years now and her quality of life has deteriorated.

When Pop died in March, Nanny told him “I’ll see you soon”, but never did I think it would be this soon. The past few weeks Nanny has gotten weaker and weaker. She see’s people and things that aren’t there and complains that she’s tired. One night I was helping her get into bed and I asked her what she meant by tired. She told me she was tired of suffering and that she was ready to go see Pop.

It gives me peace to know that she’s ok with dying. Although she has stated that she was scared, she knows she has fought a long hard battle, starting with a tough childhood, to breast cancer, to kidney failure, and now she’s ready to rest and live in the Kingdom of Heaven with God and the love of her life, Pop.

She will be coming home from the hospital tomorrow (Wednesday, June 17, 2009) and last night was her last treatment of dialysis.

We as a family will be there to make sure she is as comfortable as possible and to let her know she is not alone in this.

Please keep her in your prayers and please prayer that God gives our family the strength to handle losing another very important and special person.

Pop, Nanny is coming HOME to see you. Now y'all will never be apart again!