Weekend Report

Nanny was in a lot of pain this weekend. We finally got the pain medicine figured out and go her comfortable. From coming off dialysis, she has a great bit of swelling from fluid buildup and the pain medicine keeps her pretty much asleep. I called this morning on my way to work and my dad said she was gasping for air. We were told this type of death would feel like she was slowly drowning. It breaks my heart to even imagine what that must feel like-gasping for air.
I do not want Nanny to leave us, but when you see your loved one suffering you know that their pain will end when they go to Heaven. I just pray that God comes to take her home. Take her home to see her Mama and Daddy, take her home to see Pop-who she’s missed so much, take her to see her friends and family that have gone before her, and God I pray you take her home to rejoice because she is no longer suffering, and I know she will rejoice to be in your arms in the Kingdom of Heaven forever and ever!

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