To My Avery

(This is the letter I wrote Avery to put in his baby book)

Dear Avery,

The moment I knew you were inside of me I loved you with all of my heart. The first time I heard your little heart beat was the best sound my ears had heard. The first time I saw you on the ultrasound screen was the most beautiful thing my eyes had ever seen. I had never felt anything more wonderful than the first time I felt you kick.

You, my son, are my miracle. My life has purpose, meaning, and inspiration now because of you! I wish you nothing but the absolute best in your life. I want you to know what failure is, so you know how great it feels to succeed. I want you to how important your family and friends are because these are the people that will never give up on you! I want you to try for every dream you ever have because nothing my dear is impossible.

I promise to protect you with all of my strength, I promise to never give up on you. For you are my precious child and for you I will do anything.

I love you forever and always!!!

Love, Mommy

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