Amazing People

So this week I have been thinking about everything I've gone through this year.

I was thinking about how sad and mad I was to leave Tifton and move back to Athens. I thought my life was over and that I would never connect back at home like before.

Sometimes I still feel alone-everybody has plans and I'm stuck at home.

However, I cannot not think about how incredible everyone has been since I've been back home.

I must first thank my parents for being so supportive during my pregnancy and now that Avery is here. I couldn't ask for better parents.

My sister has also been amazing. She is such a big help and is a great aunt to Avery.

My grandparents, well they just love Avery and that's such a blessing.

And I am so grateful for cousins, Justin & Brenna.

Justin has been a voice of reason-he makes me think about my situation and consider both sides. He's been super supportive and I am so lucky to have him live close by.

Brenna-well she's just amazing. I feel like she's the big sister I never had. I feel like I can tell her anything and she'll never judge me. She's so wonderful for keeping Avery while I'm at work and she is just a wonderful person all around!

Their two children, Brady & Bowie, brighten my day each morning when I drop Avery off and they remind me how life doesn't has to be so stressful-

All of my other family and friends have been blessings as well and I am so lucky to have them apart of my life!!!

I love you all!