After my busy monogramming season, I decided to take a few weeks off from sewing and catch up on a few projects around my house.  I discovered the world of chalk paint and LOVE it!  Chalk paint allows for quick and easy updates to most any wood surface!

Here are a few projects I've done:

I used latex paint on the China cabinet.  I roughly sanded it and primed it and then added 2 layers of paint.

This picture doesn't do this little table justice.  It's an earth tone greenish/blue and adds a lot of character to my living room.  My husband hasn't caught onto the "rough" paint look and said it looks like I missed a few spots.  He'll catch on soon enough.

This beauty has always been a favorite piece.  It belonged to my in-laws.  The wood had chipped some and with our dark brown couch, it got lost in the mix in our living room. I brightened it up with a coat of white chalk paint.

This is my $20 find on a yard sale page.  Luckily, I knew the seller of the table and chairs and he gave me a great deal.  Our dinning area is a bit small, and the table we had was a bit large.  I was worried that this table was going to be too small, but once I got it into the dinning area, I fell in love. I sanded the top and stained it a dark cherry/espresso color.  I then used antique white chalk paint and painted the chairs and bottom parts of the table.  I sealed the top of the table to polyethylene.  I love how the table has little drawers!

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