long time, no blogging

Wow!  It's been quite a while since I've update the ole' blog.  I hope everyone in the blog-o-phere has been well!  Instead of posting several updates, I'll just combine the last few months into one post.  So, here is the rundown of our lives since August:

{August 2014}

-Avery started kindergarten and turned 6.
-Trevor started 5th grade.
-I received my diploma for my associates degree and was accepted into the business school at GSW.


{September 2014}

-Chris and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary.
-Trevor began his first season of soccer.



{October 2014}

-I took Avery to his first college football game.
-We carved pumpkins {the kids got to design their own pumpkin faces-which they loved!}.
-Chris and I went to 3 weddings in 2 weekends.  We are blessed to have such amazing friends and were delighted to celebrate their special days with them.
-We took our little ninja and police office trick-or-treating.


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