come on girlfriend {get it together}

Wow! I haven't blogged in over a week, I'm getting married in 67 days, and I've got a cold. Girlfriend needs to get it together.

So today's post really has no rhyme or reason to it. I haven't had much blog-worthy stuff lately. Avery's been with his dad for a week, Trevor doesn't get too excited when I pull the ole' camera out, and to be frank, I haven't had much spare time.

My mom sold her house and has till the end of the month to move. Not sure where she's going, but she has to be out of her house. It makes me sad watching her pack up what I call "home." I'm going to miss it. Hopefully she'll find a new place that she likes just as much and will be very happy there.

Avery has a stye on his eye right now. This is his 2nd one this summer. Do any of you have issues with this with your kids. He got them around the same time last year too. Weird.

I'm now in my mid twenties and drive a minivan. Who would have thought? Not me, that's for sure. I had to trade in the new Chevy Cruz for a Honda Odyssey. I loved my Cruz, but it just wasn't cuttin' it as a family vehicle. (Shrugs)

Have you ever had a summer cold? I don't remember having one. Ever. From what I hear, these summer colds can linger longer than winter colds. Hope that's just a myth.

I'm getting married in 67 days. Random number, I know, but 67 days. Whoa nelly! I have a place to get married at, my cake lined up, and a dress. That is all. I'm talking nada, zip, zilch, nothing else done besides those three things. 

Okay folks, that concludes today's rambling mess. I'm sure there are grammar, spelling, and other errors and such, nothing new, but just go with it people. Loves!

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  1. Feel better soon lil mama! 67 days! 67 day! Woot, woot!


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