Well, Poo-Poo

My sweet Avery has earned the title “master of destruction.” Every time I hear the words “ut-oh” come out of his mouth my heart sinks. I never know what I’m about to find. Sometimes it’s as simple as he dropped a toy, but other times it is one, huge mess. It seems lately my child has a fascination with poop. Yep, poop! As a mother who is trying to get into nursing school you would think poop wouldn’t bother me, but gagging I’ve done over these past few weeks. Lots of gagging, in fact.

Sure we’ve had the occasional “Avery puts hand in poopy diaper” scenario, but much to my dismay, it’s gotten a little bit worse. A couple of weeks ago he went into the other room and was quiet, of course him being quiet meant something was up. He walked into the living room and literally handed me little pieces of poop. I wasn’t expecting poop and at first it didn’t really look like poop. So I smelled it, confirmed what it was, gagged, and about threw up. Once I got myself together, I got busy cleaning the nasty mess.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I picked up Avery from daycare last week and thought it would be a nice day for him to run in the sprinklers. Stupid me thought since we weren’t in a pool, sure, no swim diaper needed. HA! Ten minutes into the sprinkler fun we had poop everywhere. I took his swim suite off, got rid of the poop, turned around and saw him picking his butt and rubbing poop on his chest. Seriously? I proceed to clean Avery off using the water from the sprinklers. Needless to say, I didn’t get by poop free, he rubbed his hands on me too. GAG!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get by the weekend without a poopy mess. Same story of poop on hand, poop on toilet, clean and sterilize everything, oh, but wait, he went and sat on the cat with a freshly cleaned bottom and needless to say, cat hair was everywhere. (INSERT GAG HERE!)
It was a mild adventure compared to the above, but I was close to throwing up.

Is anyone else having these issues with their toddler? It doesn’t matter if Avery poops in the potty or in his pull up, it seems to be a crazy ordeal. I try to hold him down while I change him, but he can still reach his hands to his bottom. GAG!

Tips and tricks anyone? I don’t know if my stomach can handle much more of the “poopy-ut-oh’s!”

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  1. Wyatt still has somewhat of a fascination with his poop as well. He once put a little action figure down his diaper, which I didn't know about until I went to change him. My first thought was....how in the heck did he swallow that?? Then I realized he shoved it in his diaper! He's also woke up during a nap calling for me, and when I get up to his room he's told me "I'm poopy." Then he shows me his finger, which has a little poop on it.

    Luckily for me, I told him that poopy is yucky, and that seemed to make sense to him. Right now, the hardest part for Wyatt is him telling us he has to go. We are constantly looking for "the face", and usually have to run him to the bathroom.


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