A Diagnosis

Autism, Apraxia of Speech (CAS), therapy...all words I never thought would be associated with my child, but have crept into my life one step at a time. About a year ago, I thought Autism had been ruled out, maybe I just had it in my head that it had been, but as of Thursday of this week, in Avery's pediatricians opinion, he is mildly autistic. This diagnosis was followed by the speech therapist diagnosing him with Apraxia of Speech on Wednesday.

I am flooded with emotions right now. Not sure which path to turn to first. My mind is overwhelmed while my heart aches for Avery. No mother wants their child to struggle. My goal right now is to stay focused on the big picture; it's not the end of the world, it's not a death sentence. None of this means he won't function normally and grow up to be as bright and intelligent as any other child, it just means he'll have to work a little bit harder. Even though I can make myself look on the positive side, right now I'm coping with all of this. It's difficult to digest all of this information at once. I've had to make myself stop researching for a few days just to allow my mind time to grasp this new life.

I put together a video for you all and mostly for Avery. It is ironic that I was singing this song to him the other night and he wanted me to hold him tight. Normally, he doesn't like for me to sing, but now he request this song.

Here's my promise to you sweet Avery:


  1. Cristin that was absolutely beautiful. I am balling my eyes. I am happy that you have decided to take some time to get your mind around all the information and will go from there. You are an strong, amazing mom and Avery is going to admire that in you. Things may be a little more difficult in his life, but you are correct that he will be just as bright and intelligent as all other children. Big difference with Avery, he will appreciate things a little bit more because of the extra work he may have to put in. Keep your head up and take each day as it comes.

  2. We are keeping you and Avery in our prayers, as always. Avery is such an amazing little boy.....Wyatt loves being around Avery. When we mention church or Sharlee, Wyatt asks if Avery is going to be there. If you ever need to talk about anything, I am willing to listen. What song is that....it's amazing!

  3. Cristin, what a beautiful post! You put into words what so many parents feel everyday- and so eloquently. I know this diagnosis, along with your passion and fierce love will help Avery soar. I am so excited to hear updates and see how much that handsome, charming, and sweet boy does! He is a lucky, lucky guy!


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