The Beginning of our Christmas Pictures

We had a wonderful Christmas.

Our stockings were hung by the Chimney with care and we all prayed really hard that we had been good enough for St. Nicholas to stop by here!

This was my sweet Avery's 3rd Christmas. Can you believe? I sure can't.

We started Christmas celebrations by baking cookies.

Avery loved baking! The mess was very minimal, so I was impressed!

We then decorated our Christmas tree and, well, somebody didn't like being told not to stand on the step stool with out help.

It all worked out o.k. and the tree got decorated and Mr. Pouty pants decided to be cheerful about Christmas again.

We went to Longhorns to eat dinner Christmas Eve. Everyone was pleasant and we had a wonderful time. We wrapped up the night getting hot chocolate and riding around looking at all the beautiful lights.

Avery slept in a good bit Christmas morning, which was nice for Santa because (s)he had been up late and was very, very tired.

Avery doesn't "get" Santa yet, but when I told him Santa had come he was a very happy little boy.

The look on his face was priceless when he walked into the living room and saw all his new toys!

More pictures to come!!!

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