A Peaceful Night

So I woke up this morning and rolled over for that one more minute worth of sleep. Something didn't seem right-Avery wasn't in the bed. He's supposed to be in my bed. He wakes up every night at 3am for his feeding. I began to go into major-major panic mode. Where in the world is my son? Did someone come in and take him or did he roll off the bed? So I hurried to his room and checked the crib and there he was. I genitally put my hand on his chest to make sure he was breathing.

AHH my precious son. There he was, snug in his crib. He had slept through the entire night. 8pm-7am!!! Wow! Yes, he has slept till 4 or 5 before...but this was a major accomplishment. It has taken us 5 months (because today his is 5 month birthday) to sleep an entire night through and oh my gosh it felt so good!!!!