So life just keeps getting better and better. Last week we took Avery to the pumpkin patch to pick his very first pumpkin. Although he slept the entire time, we do have pictures and proof we took him.Monday of last week I started my new job. I work for a wealth management company and I am really enjoying the job. Avery and I have gotten into a routine and thanks to Brenna (who watches Avery during the day) Avery is on a pretty solid feeding schedule!!! I miss my little pumpkin so much while I am at work, but it is nice to have "adult" time.
On Saturday we went to Miss Emma's birthday party. I cannot believe she's already 5 years old...time goes by so fast. Avery & I also went to Brenna's sisters house for a Halloween get together, although it was a LONG day, it was so nice to get out of the house and spend time with family and friends!!!

This coming up Friday the young adults group at church is getting together for a chili cook-out. I'm really looking forward to it and am so excited to dress Avery up for Halloween!!!