snowflakes and earthquakes

We have had crazy weather as of late.  Never in my 20 something years of life have I experienced a winter like we've had so far this year.   A month or so ago, schools shut down because temperatures rang in into the negative numbers.  No snow, no ice, but bitterly cold!

A few weeks later, we enjoyed our first snow fall of the winter.  We didn't get a lot of snow (or what us southerners call "a lot"), but it was enough to shut schools down once more, and we did manage to get a day off from work.  In fact, it became so chaotic in parts of our state that there were major traffic jams and states of emergencies. 

A few weeks after our first snowfall we had what the weather folks were calling a "catastrophic" snow storm.  Schools shut down prior to the snow, businesses let employees go home early, and there wasn't a lick of bread or milk in any store around these parts.  At our house, we received about 5 inches of snow.  That's "a lot" to a southerner.  We were preparing for an ice storm, but luckily, we manage to stay in the clear, but parts of our state got hit pretty hard with ice.  We enjoyed a few days off work and school and had many hours of cuddle time, cooking and baking, and playing in the snow fun!

If all this crazy weather wasn't enough, last Friday we experienced a 4.2 earthquake.  It scared me to death.  My first thought was Jesus was coming back!  It was the most bizarre feeling.

I love snow and I certainly wouldn't mind a few more flurries before it gets too hot, but Mother Nature can keep her earthquakes.

And if all that wasn't enough, we were in t-shirts and flip flops this past weekend.

Go figure!


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