happy birthday, nanny

Today, my sweet Nanny (Mom's Mom) would have turned 80.  

 I miss her so much.  I miss how she mispronounced words like "Taco" by saying "Tarco" or by saying "Wal-Marts" instead of "Wal-Mart."  

I miss her home cooking that scented the house and filled you so full you couldn't move.

 I miss making homemade biscuits with her and eating all the dough.  

I miss our "boogy" (dance) sessions in the kitchen.  

I miss holding her soft hands and the scent of her night cream on her face.

I miss watching our "stories" together.  

I miss her hugs and I miss her kisses.  

And today, I'm missing celebrating her special day with her!  

Happy Birthday, Nanny.  

I love and miss you more than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow.  

Until I see you again...

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