avery {isms}

Anyone that has ever had a kid or been around kids can most likely agree that kids say the craziest stuff. Y'all I'm telling you, my kids keep me laughing.  Avery has had quite a few funny's lately and so I thought I would give you a glimpse at what I've been hysterically laughing at these days.

Avery:  Mama what's inside these? (Pointing to his testicles)

Avery:  Mama, I's gonna rides my scooter when I's get's home today. Whatcha think about that, huh?

Mama, I not go insides when it storms, Mama. I is a t'orm chasers.
Avery: Mama, there's a baby in your tummy.
Me: I don't think so buddy.
Avery: (Pulling my stomach fat) Yes there is, it's right here.

Avery: Ain't no body gots time for 'dats!

Avery: My behaviors gonna be back tomorrow.

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